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News — Iron Maiden

100 Greatest Metal Albums revealed by Rolling Stone

100 Greatest Metal Albums revealed by Rolling Stone

Do you agree with Rolling Stone? 

Are there any missing? Is the number 1 the right choice? 

read below...( credit to Rollng stone and Planet Rock for the story)


Critics at Rolling Stone have unveiled what they believe are the 100 greatest metal records ever.

Fittingly, heavy metal godfathers Black Sabbath top the extensive list with their 1970 masterpiece ‘Paranoid’, while the Birmingham band’s self-titled debut is close behind in fifth spot.

Heaping praise on Sabbath’s second record, which spawned colossal anthems ‘War Pigs’, ‘Iron Man’ and ‘Paranoid’, the US magazine justified its lofty no.1 spot by writing:

“Paranoid was the sound of Black Sabbath's reality, a plea for understanding that would resonate with millions of people feeling the same disaffection, many of whom would form groups like Metallica, Pantera and Slipknot – groups that would change the face of metal, as well as the world.”

Black Sabbath in the early 1970s © PA Images

In second place on the countdown is Metallica’s thrash metal opus ‘Master of Puppets’, with Judas Priest’s tour-de-force ‘British Steel’ in third place and Iron Maiden’s influential third LP ‘Number of the Beast’ in fourth.

Completing the Top 10 are Slayer’s ‘Reign In Blood’, Motörhead’s ‘No Remorse’, Megadeth’s ‘Peace Sells… But Who’s Buying?’, Ozzy Osbourne’s ‘Blizzard of Oz’ and Pantera’s ‘Vulgar Display of Power’.

The full top 100 is as follows:

100. Avenged Sevenfold – ‘City Of Evil’
99. Evanescence – ‘Fallen’
98. Sunn O))) – ‘Monoliths & Dimensions’
97. Gojira – ‘From Mars To Sirius’
96. Kvelertak – ‘Meir’
95. Dream Theater – ‘Images And Words’
94. Deafheaven – ‘Sunbather’
93. White Zombie – ‘La Sexorcisto: Devil Music Volume One’
92. Eyehategod – ‘Take As Needed For Pain’
91. Naked City – ‘Torture Garden’
90. Body Count – ‘Body Count’
89. Nightwish – ‘Once’
88. Pig Destroyer – ‘Terrifyer’
87. Manowar – ‘Hail To England’
86. Lamb Of God – ‘As The Palaces Burn’
85. Darkthrone – ‘Transilvanian Hunger’
84. High On Fire – ‘Blessed Black Wings’
83. Baroness – ‘The Red Album’
82. Entombed – ‘The Left Hand Path’
81. Bathory – ‘Under The Sign Of The Black Mark’
80. Ministry – ‘Psalm 69: The Way To Succeed And The Way To Suck Eggs’
79. At The Gates – ‘Slaughter Of The Soul’
78. Voivod – ‘Dimension Hatröss’
77. Meshuggah – ‘Destroy Erase Improve’
76. Twisted Sister – ‘Stay Hungry’
75. Morbid Angel – ‘Covenant’
74. Venom – ‘Welcome To Hell’
73. Scorpions – ‘Blackout’
72. Isis – ‘Oceanic’
71. Living Colour – ‘Vivid’
70. Death – ‘Human’
69. Soundgarden – ‘Louder Than Love’
68. Marilyn Manson – ‘Portrait Of Am American Family’
67. Queensrÿche – ‘Operation: Mindcrime’
66. Deftones – ‘White Pony’
65. Faith No More – ‘Angel Dust’
64. Godflesh – ‘Streetcleaner’
63. Sodom – ‘Agent Orange’
62. Sleep – ‘Jerusalem’
61. Converge – ‘Jane Doe’
60. Melvins – ‘Bullhead’
59. Napalm Death – ‘From Enslavement To Obliteration’
58. Life Of Agony – ‘River Runs Red’
57. Emperor – ‘Anthems To The Welkin At Dusk’
56. The Dillinger Escape Plan – ‘Calculating Infinity’
55. Opeth – ‘Blackwater Park’
54. Helmet – ‘Meantime’
53. Type O Negative – ‘Bloody Kisses’
52. Def Leppard’ – ‘Pyromania’
51. Carcass – ‘Heartwork’
50. Slipknot – ‘Iowa’
49. Neurosis – ‘Through Silver In Blood’
48. Rainbow – ‘Rising’
47. Slayer – ‘South Of Heaven’
46. Mastodon – ‘Leviathan’
45. Exodus – ‘Bonded By Blood’
44. Mötley Crüe – ‘Shout At The Devil’
43. Judas Priest – ‘Stained Class’
42. Diamond Head – ‘Lightning To The Nations’
41. Kyuss – ‘Blues For The Red Sun’
40. Mayhem – ‘De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas’
39. Pantera – ‘Far Beyond Driven’
38. Iron Maiden – ‘Powerslave’
37. Black Sabbath – ‘Heaven And Hell’
36. Van Halen – ‘Women And Children First’
35. Metallica – ‘Kill ‘Em All’
34. Black Sabbath – ‘Master Of Reality’
33. Megadeth – ‘Countdown To Extinction’
32. Black Sabbath – ‘Sabotage’
31. Slayer – ‘Seasons In The Abyss’
30. Korn – ‘Korn’
29. Sepultura – ‘Chaos A.D.’
28. Celtic Frost – ‘Morbid Tales’
27. System Of A Down – ‘Toxicity’
26. Alice In Chains – ‘Dirt’
25. Metallica – ‘Metallica’
24. Rage Against The Machine – ‘Rage Against The Machine’
23. Danzig – ‘Danzig’
22. Mötley Crüe – ‘Too Fast For Love’
21. Metallica – ‘…And Justice For All’
20. Anthrax – ‘Among The Living’
19. Megadeth – ‘Rust In Peace’
18. Tool – ‘Ænima’
17. Mercyful Fate – ‘Melissa’
16. Dio – ‘Holy Diver’
15. Ozzy Osbourne – ‘Diary Of A Madman’
14. Black Sabbath – ‘Vol. 4’
13. Iron Maiden – ‘Iron Maiden’
12. Judas Priest – ‘Screaming For Vengeance’
11. Metallica – ‘Ride The Lightning’
10. Pantera – ‘Vulgar Display Of Power’
9. Ozzy Osbourne – ‘Blizzard Of Ozz’
8. Megadeth – ‘Peace Sells… But Who’s Buying?’
7. Motörhead – ‘No Remorse’
6. Slayer – ‘Reign In Blood’
5. Black Sabbath – ‘Black Sabbath’
4. Iron Maiden – ‘The Number Of The Beast’
3. Judas Priest – ‘British Steel’
2. Metallica – ‘Master Of Puppets’
1. Black Sabbath – ‘Paranoid’

Motorhead's 'Road Crew' Beer Wins 'Best Newcomer' Award at

Motorhead's 'Road Crew' Beer Wins 'Best Newcomer' Award at

Congratulations to Motorhead and their ‘Road Crew’ American Pale Ale! The newly released brew took home the “Freshly Spilt: Best Newcomer” award at the 2017 Carouser Awards as voted by the public!

It was no contest as the Motorhead beer captured 57.9 percent of the public vote, which is especially impressive considering Iron Maiden‘s ‘Trooper Red ‘N’ Black’ porter from Robinsons Brewery was amongst the competition. Other nominees included Siren Brewery’s ‘Carribean Chocolate Cake’ and Tiny Rebel’s ‘FrambUZI.’

Simon Ritson, brand ambassador for Röad Crew commented on the achievement, stating, “It is truly amazing to have won this award considering the fantastic beers we were up against plus the fact the beer was only launched in December. We take even more pride that the award was voted for by the public and we really appreciate that the fans of Road Crew took the time to vote for us. Road Crew has received some amazing support since it was launched and we hope that this will be the start of many awards to come.”

Earlier in the week, we reported that Megadeth’s ‘A Tout le Monde’ ale was awarded a Gold Medal from the Beverage Tasting Institute in Chicago, scoring 93 points which qualified the brew as “exceptional.”

While the loss of Lemmy Kilmister will always sting, it’s great to see the Motorhead brand carrying on strong. Not all is over on the musical front either, as a posthumous debut solo album from Lem is expected to arrive later this year.

Story courtesy of Loudwire - link below 

Read More: Motorhead's 'Road Crew' Beer Wins 'Best Newcomer' Award | http://loudwire.com/motorhead-road-crew-beer-best-newcomer-award/?trackback=tsmclip
Iron Maiden - Rocking the Digital Remaster set

Iron Maiden - Rocking the Digital Remaster set


It has just announced that Iron Maiden have re issued a further 12 special editions albums , remastered for the digital age of Rock.


IRON MAIDEN: Next Series Of Album Reissues Announced

Parlophone Records will follow 2014's reissue of the first eight IRON MAIDEN albums, which spanned the 1980s, with twelve brand new pressings of albums from the period 1990-2015 in heavyweight 180-gram black vinyl.

Unlike the 1980s reissues, which were cut from the original analog master tapes, the audio on these releases has been cut from the high-resolution remasters of 2015 when the MAIDEN catalog was digitally upgraded. They will be packaged in identical artwork to the initial vinyl releases.

The records will be released chronologically across a three-month period:

May 19:

Collector's Box
No Prayer For The Dying
Fear Of The Dark
The X Factor
Virtual XI

June 23:

Brave New World
Rock In Rio
Dance Of Death
A Matter Of Life And Death

July 21:

Death On The Road (Live)
Flight 666 (Live)
The Final Frontier
En Vivo!

As a bonus, the first two albums ("No Prayer For The Dying" and "Fear Of The Dark") will also be made available in an exclusive Collector's Box sized to house all 12 albums with additional space for fans to insert the latest MAIDEN studio album, "The Book Of Souls", which was released on triple black vinyl in 2015. The Collector's Box will be a strictly limited edition and available while stocks last.

These high-quality black vinyls comprised of eight studio albums together with a specially selected choice of four live recordings from this period, completes the IRON MAIDEN album reissues series and offers MAIDEN fans the opportunity to own the band's entire studio album legacy on vinyl simultaneously for the very first time.

IRON MAIDEN's "The Book Of Souls" tour resumes with a series of arena shows opening in Sportpalais, Antwerp, Belgium on April 22 and continuing into Germany, U.K. and Ireland, finishing with two sold-out shows at London's 02 arena on May 27 and May 28. The band then flies to the U.S.A for an extensive series of arena and amphitheater shows, including dates in Canada, ending with two nights in Brooklyn, New York on July 21 and July 22. This is the final leg of "The Book Of Souls" tour.


 Full story courtesy of Blabbermouth.net