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Video Premiere: GRAVE DIGGER's 'Lawbreaker' This week premiered Grave Digger's latest Video ' Lawbreaker* ' from their latest album '' Healed by Metal''  Look out for  Grave Digger Aureum 6 year old whisky being drank by the bottle ,by one and all through out the video - 

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 * Video contains explicit lyrics 


The official video for the song "Lawbreaker" from German power metallers GRAVE DIGGER can be seen below. The track is taken from the band's new album, "Healed By Metal", which was released on January 13 via Napalm Records.

Asked if GRAVE DIGGER has ever been "healed by metal," vocalist Chris Boltendahl told Spark TV: "Yeah, I've [been] healed by metal a lot of times in my life. Mostly in bad times. When I listen to metal music, it builds me up again. I think it's a good title for GRAVE DIGGER. There's so many people outside who have problems. I think this record can help some people.

Regarding why the band named the album "Healed By Metal", Chris said: "Two years ago, we played a big open-air festival in Moscow. There was a hospital beside the festival [site]. There were people inside who had to listen to metal all day. I said while I was with our sound engineer, 'Oh, the poor people. They have to listen to GRAVE DIGGER all day.' He said, 'Look at me. Yes, all the people are healed by metal.'"

Chris also talked about GRAVE DIGGER's goal with the new album. He said: "First, to satisfy ourselves, then to satisfy the people outside. We want to always deliver a piece of quality. This time, it's much better quality, not than the previous albums, but in our own mind. Yeah, I think it's a piece of metal."

"Healed By Metal" track listing:

01. Healed By Metal
02. When Night Falls
03. Lawbreaker
04. Forever Free
05. Call For War
06. Ten Commandments Of Metal
07. The Hangman’s Eye
08. Kill Ritual
09. Hallelujah
10. Laughing With The Dead

Digipack bonus:

11. Kingdom Of The Night
12. Bucket List

GRAVE DIGGER's previous collection of all-new material, "Return Of The Reaper", was released in July 2014 via Napalm Records.




 * Video contains explicit lyrics